S10 T-5 Swap Adapter

Replace your 3 speed manual with a 5 speed transmission
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Want to swap a 1992 or older Chevy S10 Borg Warner T5 in place of a Chevy 3 or 4 speed transmission? Don't use washers as a spacer!
This adapter will let you use a S10 and Camaro V6 T-5 in place of a 3 or 4 speed Chevy transmission. For example: If you have a 331 Cadillac or 324 Oldsmobile with a Chevy 4 speed transmission adapter, then you will need the Hamilton S10T-5 to bolt up a S10 T-5.
The S10 T-5 transmission is a great way to get a five speed in your car. The shifter comes out of the transmission at the front of the tail shaft housing, thus making it much easier to reach and build around. The problem is that the input shaft of the S10 T-5 is about 9/16" too long. Up until now, the only options to make it fit have been to cut down the input shaft or space out the bell housing and transmission with washers. Cutting the input shaft requires the services of a machine shop to be done safely and correctly. The splines need to be re-cut, and the entire length shortened. Adding washers looks unprofessional and can lead to premature input shaft failure. The transmission assembly can't be correctly aligned and so the input shaft bends during every revolution causing breakage.
The Hamilton S10T-5 takes care of these problems. The adapter is CNC machined to tightly fit your transmission and bell housing to create a perfect alignment. First replace your clutch plate, then drill out the T-5 bolt holes; the original bolts are metric and you need one size larger to 1/2" to fit to an older bell housing. Secure the S10T-5 in between the bell housing and transmission using the longer included 1/2"-13 1.5" Socket Head Allen bolts and you are ready to go.
Will this part work for my application?
The easy way to answer that question is to ask another question, "Can you bolt on a Saginaw or Muncie transmission right now?" If so, then this spacer is correct to bolt on a 1992 or older Chevy S10 T5. If you cannot use a Saginaw or Muncie with your current bellhousing or engine, then you'll need to locate a different bellhousing.
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