Desoto 291-4V Intake Manifold

Install a regular four barrel on your Low Deck Desoto Hemi engine.
291-4V Top Side
291-4V Thermostat
291-4V Front
291-4V Top Front
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The darling of the Hot Rod industry is the well known Chrysler Hemi. Its popularity has increased its cost immensely, which has become a huge problem for your every day hot rodder. Hot rods aren't supposed to be extremely expensive machines. So, the demand for the "other" 1950's Hemis has begun to rise. People are actively seeking out Desoto and Dodge Hemis. The best part about these "other" Hemis is that it doesn't cost thousands of dollars for a bare block. One of the problems with the Desoto Hemi is the lack of available after market parts.
As anyone familiar with the 1950's Desoto engine knows, the two barrel cast iron intake is the most common intake. The original four barrel intake is terribly difficult to come by and can cost upwards of $800; extremely expensive for a heavy low performance casting. How about a Hamilton 291-4V instead?
The Hamilton 291-4V is a single plane design created to work with a standard four barrel carburetor. It uses a Chevy V8 thermostat and housing. Price includes required hardware.